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The naked Trump statues erected today in five cities – New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and Cleveland – not only show off Trump in all his naked glory, but they show through the expression of the artist what millions of people in America and around the world think of Trump.

More and more, people see him as a national joke and embarrassment, although what he represents is not so funny – a racist, bigoted, isolationist, paranoid vision of America. These statues represent one more statement that Trump is really just a lumpy overweight potbellied man who presents himself to the world with orange make-up. But underneath, he is stark naked.

Even the New York Parks Department, upon hauling the statue away — fittingly in the back of a dump truck, had the right attitude, when its spokesperson Sam Biederman explained the reason for removing the statue thus: “New York City Parks stands firmly against any unpermitted erection in city parks, no matter how small.”

These naked Trump statues reflect what author/sociologist Gini Graham Scott, Ph.D., has been pointing out for the past six months in a series of seven books about Trump, now featured on the Website: Trump Is a Nut (, also known as Trump Is Nuts ( and Who Is Trump Really? ( According to the media, Trump is livid and going nuts over these naked images of himself – or maybe he is already nuts, as Scott suggests in a tongue-in-cheek cartoon book Trump Is Nuts!

The book compares Trump to a series of nuts from peanuts to pecans and shows him ending up in a nut case with two other noted dictators – Hitler and Mussolini, and finally he is hauled off to a nut house. While one of the images shows him regally dressed as an emperor, the naked Trump statues show that underneath the trappings of luxury and royalty, the emperor has no clothes. The Trump Is Nuts! book is on Amazon and Kindle,, while the cartoons are featured in a video on Pivotshare.

They are also part of a trilogy called Who Is Trump, Really?

And now, as the popular enthusiasm for the statues shows, more and more people are recognizing in Trump’s latest rants that he really is nuts. Some recent examples – and there are so many of them — are his attack on the American intelligence community, his claim that the 50 military leaders who rejected him as a Commander in Chief are mere has-beens, his comment that a gun going off at a rally could be someone shooting Obama, and his call on Second Amendment supporters to do something to stop Hillary from getting rid of the Second Amendment (actually a false statement), which many viewed as a sly suggestion that someone should assassinate Hillary. But then Trump suggested he was really being sarcastic, or maybe he wasn’t. In other words, his words could mean anything, meaning that they really mean nothing.

Or could Trump’s crazy words and behaviors be due to the onset of Alzheimer’s? It’s a question raised by Dr. Gini Graham Scott in an article on the Huffington Post, which has already gotten 1.3 likes and has led to extended discussions on Facebook. In the article, Scott cites numerous experts, authorities, and writers who have suggested that one reason for Trump’s crazy behavior is that he has early stage Alzheimer’s. In fact, they point to him having a half-dozen of the 10 core signs of Alzheimer’s, according to the Alzheimer’s Association. Plus the condition has genetic links, and Trump’s father had Alzheimer’s for six years before he died of pneumonia in 1999.

In any event, the naked Trump statues are a fitting “tribute” to a Trump who is increasingly being revealed nationally and internationally for who he really is. In fact, regardless of the many polls which report many different results, the gamblers who take bets are now viewing the odds of Trump winning as going down, down, down. In fact, one of the top polling sites, Nate’s Silver’s has now caught up with the betting sites, giving Clinton a 86.4 percent chance of winning the election, with Trump at 13.6 percent. Now with the statues out there – or perhaps just in millions of shared images – maybe Trump’s odds are even less, while the odds of him dropping out of the election are going up, up, up.