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The latest incidents from Trump’s campaign, such as insulting Gold Star parents Kzihr Khan and his wife and telling ABC’s George Stephanopoulos that Russia wouldn’t go into the Ukraine, have raised questions about Trump’s mental competency.

Could these behaviors be due to the onset of Alzheimer’s – a question raised by Dr. Gini Graham Scott in an article on the Huffington Post, which has already gotten 274 likes and has led to extended discussions on Facebook.

As Scott points out, there is more and more evidence of this diagnosis, as an increasing number of members of the Republican Party have disavowed Trump’s candidacy, though they are not legally able to force him out without a very good reason – such as if he is too impaired to continue to be a candidate. In the article, Scott cites numerous experts, authorities, and writers who have suggested that a reason for Trump’s crazy behavior is that he has early stage Alzheimer’s. In fact, they point to him having a half-dozen of the 10 core signs of Alzheimer’s, according to the Alzheimer’s Association.

In her article, Scott provides numerous examples of Trump’s behavior which fit this pattern of having Alzheimer’s, along with quotes from experts backing up this possibility. Scott has previously written a series of books about who Trump really is and whether he is really nuts. These books include two new satiric cartoon books with commentary – Trump Is Nuts! and Trump Is an Animal! Trump Is Nuts! features Trump as 21 different kinds of nuts, from walnuts and peanuts to mixed up nuts and finally ends with Trump on his way to a nuthouse. Trump Is an Animal! compares Trump to different types of fighting animals including Kangaroos and Meerkats. These are included in the book Who Is Trump, Really? Along with each cartoon, the books include a short commentary about Trump’s recent behavior.

Scott has also launched a website at (also accessible from and, which features seven books about Trump which combine satiric humor with pungent commentary about Trump.

Scott brings to the series a background as a sociologist and popular writer – and she is also a registered Republican, after previously being an independent voter. She received her Ph.D. at the University of California, Berkeley, and has several MAs, including one in Anthropology and another in Pop Culture and Lifestyles from California State University, East Bay. She is getting an additional MA there in Communication. She has published over 50 books with major publishers and 40 with her own publishing company, Changemakers Publishing. Besides The New Middle Ages, other new books include Lies and Liars, about understanding sociopaths and how to deal with them, Scammed, about recent scams and how to avoid them, and American Justice with Paul Brakke about problems in the criminal justice system and how to fix them. Her websites include and

A PDF of any of the Trump books is available to members of the media and book bloggers and reviewers.