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Pro-Trumpers Respond to: “Does Trump Have Early Stage Alzheimer’s?”

Pro-Trumpers Respond to: “Does Trump Have Early Stage Alzheimer’s?”

Now that my post: “Does Trump Have Early Stage Alzheimer’s?” has reached over 730 likes, I found it intriguing to see the wide range of responses. They essentially fell into two camps. One was those who found the article reinforced their anti-Trump attitude and view that Trump really was nuts. The other camp was the Trump supporters who responded by attacking the “liberal” media, trashed the Huff Post, and accused Hillary for lying and being equally or more crazy. A few claimed I was “just a writer and no expert,” although my article primarily cited authorities on the topic.

I even got a message from one Trump supporter who stated that he was with a film production company and received an email from my company about a film project. He went on to say “So you know Donald J. Trump is my cousin” and complained that my Changemakers Publishing site was trashing him. He thought I “should no (sic) – nothing personal just business.” Was that an implied threat about not doing business together – or something more? I promptly took his company out of my database to be sure he didn’t get any emails from me or my associate.

I got the responses to my post in two ways. One way was by posting links to my Huffington Post article on Facebook posts of negative news stories and articles about Trump. The other way was promoting my post on my Changemakers Publishing page through a small Facebook ad campaign, where I found that many respondents were fervent pro-Trumpers and ready to bash anyone who dared to question his abilities or sanity. While some responses were directly in response to my article, others were part of a continuing conversation in which I posted a link to my article. In any case, I found it interesting to see the big split in the responses. I have not included any names to protect the identity of the commentators, though you might find them in the Facebook archives.

So here goes, starting with the Trump defenders, many of whom probably didn’t read my article, since they didn’t understand what it meant to suggest that Trump might have early stage Alzheimer’s, based on the Alzheimer’s Association’s description of the 10 core symptoms. These were references by many of the authorities I cited to support my suggestion that Trump showed over half the signs of this illness, including a memory loss that disrupts daily life, difficulty in concentrating, having decreased or poor judgment, and changes in mood or personality. I gave plenty of examples of Trump’s recent behavior to support this viewpoint, such as Trump forgetting about Russia taking over the Ukraine, his difficulty in staying on a subject, and his being increasingly on edge, paranoid, and ready to attack, like an animal or child. You can see my article on Trump and Alzheimer’s for specifics.

One way to dispute an unwanted message is to attack the messenger, which many Trump defenders did by attacking the media. As one Trumpkin commented: “Are there no depths too low for the media? Answer: no, there are not.” Another proclaimed: “You morons in the media…You have to stop with all this made up crap & grow up and be journalists not writers for the National Enquirer, but then again at least the(sic) admit they fudge the truth, the mainstream media should be ashamed of themselves…Just saying.” Another commented: “God the kooks are desperate to endlessly push this garbage.”

Some tried to attack the reputation of the Huffington Post by calling it “tabloid journalism,” despite its illustrious roster of experts and authorities. As one Trumpeteer proclaimed: “You guys at huff and puff have it full brown,” to which another Trumpeteer added: “What lies!! Sickening…”, a sentiment echoed by another supporter who said: “Apparently journalism is dead,” and another who proclaimed: “Huff Post is not journalism.” Still another Trumpkin blasted the Huffington Post as “a liberal propaganda site spreading lies filtered through the ass of George Soros.”

Some seemed to think the media revelations about Trump actually helped him by backfiring on the media, though they were clearly wrong, and rather showed their own ignorance by responding with unsupported and uninformed posts. As one Trump defender put it: “The funny thing is that you people at the H Post actually think this kind of crap hurts him when it actually helps him because the more you spew your bullshit, the more we can see how corrupt the system is and support for Trump grows…what idiots you people are.”

Other Trumpkins sought to counterpunch by turning an attack on Trump into an attack on Hillary, the Clintons, and the Democrats, frequently citing inaccurate information and writing in barely literate English. For example, some of their comments were:

“I see a rabid DEM write this inflammatory piece of crapola lol.”

“People will NOT forget what the DNC did no matter how much TRUMP does what ever and says what ever. That does NOT negate what she did to sanders. AND more emails are being released.”

“Media and Obama and Hillary are just making anything up too (sic) stop trump and the American people.”

“Nothing wrong with Trump but Hillary has some pretty serious mental issues, that I am sure.”

“Hillary has seizures on a daily basis.”

“The actual evidence is…KilLIARy Clinton suffering from epilepsy caused by issues in her brain like tumors, strokes…and evidence by multiple bouts of dizziness, fainting, and lethargy. She also looks like Evi Lyn’s even older aunt and has the same mentality of Skeletor.”

“The DEVIL wants Hillary.”

“Hillary is a thief and a liar.”

“Trump is sharp as a tack. Killary is an enormous risk to our national security and our freedoms. Vote Trump, the only one not already bought and paid for by people who hate us. P.S. She has a trail of destruction and dishonesty, but most importantly she has blood on her hands! Such a disgrace. Go Trump! Make American Great Again!!!”

“Trump…is the lesser of two evils. He speaks his mind, he is not part of the establishment, and he does not give in to lobbyists. Oblama and Hitlary are trying their best to turn American into a Socialist country.”

Still other respondents were so anti-Hillary that they believed that Trump was a Hillary plant, designed to say such outrageous things that he would lose the election and Hillary would win. In their view, Trump was simply acting as if he was nuts, but wasn’t really, so it was all part of an entertainment game for a political end. As one respondent replied to my question about Trump having early-stage Alzheimer’s?” “Nonsense. He’s working with the Clintons.” Still another posted that the whole battle didn’t really matter, because “Everyone from opposing political parties deposits their money in the same banks. Guess who’s really getting paid.”

In short, the Trump supporters were ready to put down the media for bringing a message they didn’t want to hear, or they attacked like Trump to denigrate Hillary, with the actual facts of little concern. They were just hurling damaging information against her based on rumor, innuendo, and misinformation, and they turned any questions about Trump’s mental health into questions about the mental ability of Hillary and anyone who might dare to question Trump’s mental fitness. Some even accused Hillary of treason and seeking to undermine America. By contrast, as I’ll describe in a subsequent article, the anti-Trumpers were generally more well-informed and literate in responding and citing other sources they had read.

Given this ongoing election battle, I have written a series of articles and books about Trump and the election out of a genuine concern about the future of the United States and the potential damages Trump could inflict on America and the world, should he become the most powerful person as President of the United States.

You can see more examples of the dangers Trump presents in the books I have written. A listing of the full series is at Who Is Trump Really? (also accessible from and For my most recent books, I teamed up with a cartoonist and we wrote Trump Is Nuts! An Illustrated Guide and Coloring Book on the Many Ways that Trump Has Gone Nuts and Trump Is An Animal!

From the book:&nbsp;<i>Trump Is Nuts!</i>
From the book: Trump Is Nuts!
Trump Is Nuts! features satiric cartoons depicting Trump as all kinds of nuts from cashews to pecans and ending up as a nut case and in the nuthouse. The book combines cartoons with incisive commentary about the many ways that Trump’s behavior is mentally disturbed or nuts. Trump Is an Animal! features Trump as a number of animals, from kangaroos to chimps and fur seals, who are fighting for power, territory, and mates, much like Trump strikes out and fights with anyone who threatens his position.

Does Trump Have Early Stage Alzheimer’s?

Does Trump Have Early Stage Alzheimer’s?

Due to Donald Trump’s recent behavior, many people are asking if he is really mentally deranged, and some commentators have wondered if he might have early stage Alzheimer’s. These questions haven’t yet made it to the mainstream media. They have mainly been confined to web publications and commentators on Facebook and other social media sites.

But now psychologists and psychiatrists are being asked these questions, at a time when many Republicans and other political leaders are disavowing Trump, and the Republican Party is exploring what to do if Trump pulls out of the race. Trump has even been hinting that he may bail by suggesting that Pence will handle foreign and domestic affairs; that the election is rigged; that he would withdraw if the polls drop; and that there could be civil disobedience if he loses.

The evidence of craziness has been coming fast and furious for the past few days, especially since Trump began attacking Khizr Khan and his wife, who are considered Gold Star parents, since they lost their son in Iraq in 2004, well before Obama came into office or Clinton became Secretary of State. But no matter. Trump has suggested that Obama was responsible for the son’s death, that Khan is an agent for the Muslim Brotherhood. Trump has even continued to up his attacks at a time when many members of the Republican Party have disavowed his comments and announced that they can no longer vote for him, due to his increasingly out of control behavior and because they feel one should not attack Gold Star parents, who have sacrificed so much in losing their son.

Plus there have been many other crazy incidents. One recent incident occurred in a security briefing when he asked three times why the USA can’t use nuclear weapons, if we have them. In an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, he asserted that Russia wouldn’t go into the Ukraine, and when Stephanopoulos explained that Russia had already gone there, he tried to explain his way out of the situation. Then, when a baby cried at a recent rally, Trump first talked about loving babies and about a minute later, he kicked the mother and baby out of the rally.

Anyone following the news will see the pattern – increasingly erratic behavior, and despite calls to act more presidential, exercise control, show empathy, and focus his attacks on Hillary, Trump seems more and more to simply react emotionally by attacking anyone who has said anything negative about him. He even has withdrawn his support from Paul Ryan and John McCain, since they criticized his attack on the Khans, and he withdrew press credentials from the New York Times, because they don’t write “good.”

I previously cited authors who raised questions about Trump’s mental health and suggested he is mentally ill and called him crazy. Now, pointing to his erratic behavior, a growing chorus suggests that one reason for this crazy behavior is that Trump has early stage Alzheimer’s. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, the 10 early signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s include these: a memory loss that disrupts daily life; challenges in planning or solving problems, which includes difficulty in concentrating, and difficulty in completing familiar tasks at work or leisure. Other signs are having decreased or poor judgment and changes in mood or personality.

One can certainly see examples of this in Trump’s recent behavior. For example, he forgot about Russia taking over the Ukraine and he has difficulty staying on the subject in his interviews and rallies, skipping from one topic to another. He has repeatedly asked for the same information over and over, such as asking about using nuclear weapons three times, and has problems in finding the right word or calling things by the wrong names in his tweets.

He has shown very poor judgment in his recent attacks, and he has been increasingly on edge and ready to attack. Much like a classic patient with early stage Alzheimer’s, he readily becomes suspicious, fearful, or anxious, so he fights back like an animal or child, governed by the limbic system, the source of emotions, rather than exercising control, which is a function of the higher brain faculties. There is also research that Alzheimer’s is hereditary, and his father, Fred Trump, who lived from 1905 to 1999, suffered from Alzheimer’s for six years before he became sick with pneumonia in June 1999 and died a few weeks later.

So given Trump’s behavior, questions have been raised as early as July 2015, though not yet widely discussed in the mainstream media. For example, in the Daily Mail online forum, one established poster, Neil Cavuto, a TV announcer and commentator on the Fox Business Network made this observation: “Donald Trump claims to have a good memory, perhaps he did before the Alzheimer’s, because it isn’t open to interpretation…Early signs of Alzheimer’s would explain quite a bit of Donald Trump’s recent behavior. He has proven thin skinned. He has behaved erratically and shown little regard for social conventions – for example his attack on Megyn Kelly claiming she was asking difficult questions because she was menstruating and his mocking of a reporter’s disability.”

Another poster on this board Jack N Gary had this to say: “Does Trump show he’s having trouble with speech and turning thoughts into words or understanding others. Well, we’ve seen his off topic rants when asked a question…When asked a simple question on taxes by Sean Hannity – a known Trump supporter – he went on a verbal meander that brought in Russia, China, ISIS and hedge fund managers without actually addressing the question.”

Then, in February 2016, a series of commentators addressed the question: “Is Donald Trump Suffering from Delusional Senile Dementia?” The article by News Corpse noted that the “very public meltdown of Donald Trump over the past few months” raised the question of whether he was a likely candidate for a diagnosis of dementia.

To support this viewpoint, the article gave examples of Trump’s impaired judgment, loss of memory, and childish behavior. For example, even before the Khan eruption, at the beginning of his campaign he made some outrageous statements “untethered to reality” such as suggesting Mexico was sending over rapists and murders and that John McCain was not a war hero because he got captured. Though Trump bragged about having one of the best memories, he claimed he had seen thousands and thousands of Muslims celebrating the collapse of the World Trade Center which never happened, forgot that he once praised both Clinton and Obama highly, and claimed he never met a disabled reporter he mocked, though they had met many times.

Then, of course, there are Trump’s numerous childish tantrums, marked by “infantile insults about people’s looks and character,” and if criticized he punches back with “baseless, often unrelated, rebuttals.”

Later, in April 2016, writing for the Inquisitor, Samantha Kilgore asked the question: “Does Donald Trump Have Alzheimer’s? Questions About GOP Frontrunner’s Mental Fitness Arise.” As Kilgore notes, according to the Alzheimer’s Association, if two or more ‘core mental functions’ seem impaired, that individual “should seek medical help in order to get screened for possible dementia.” And Trump has been having trouble with at least five core functions: memory, communication and language, ability to focus and pay attention, and reasoning and judgment.

Plus she notes that that “people suffering Alzheimer’s have difficulty remembering newly learned information, are often disoriented, have mood and behavior changes, an increasing sense of paranoia and suspicion, and a deepening confusion about events, time, and places. In particular, she points out how Trump’s language is often disjointed, such as when he said in the first debate: “We need brain in this country to turn it around.” In another case, at a rally in Pittsburgh, Trump asked about a Penn State football coach Joe Paterno, who was disgraced due to his involvement in a sexual abuse scandal, died in 2012, and has no connection to Pittsburgh. Even so, Trump asked “How’s Joe Paterno? We gonna bring that back.” Another time, in New York, he mixed up the September 11 tragedy with the 7/11 convenience store.

Finally, for one more example, in April 27, 2016, April Hamlin writing for the If You Only News website raised this question: “Maybe Trump Isn’t Just an *sshole, Could He Actually Be Suffering from Alzheimer’s or Dementia.” Among other things she cited Trump’s response to a Washington Post reporter who asked if he would consider using a tactical nuclear weapon against ISIS. Trump awkwardly replied, shifting the subject in no particular logical way: “I don’t want to use, I don’t want to start the process of nuclear. Remember the one thing that everybody has said, I’m a counterpuncher. Rubio hit me. Bush hit me. When I said low energy, he’s a low-energy individual, he hit me first. I spent, by the way, he spent 18 million dollars’ worth of negative ads on me.” When the Post reporter tried to get him back on topic, Trump replied: “I’ll tell you one thing, this is a very good-looking group of people here. Could I just go around so I know who the hell I’m talking to?”

And now it would seem Trump is becoming even nuttier, which is too be expected as the symptoms of mental deterioration in Alzheimer’s become increasingly worse. As Daniel Halper noted in an August 3, 2016 article in the New York Post, members of his presidential campaign say he has been getting “nuttier and nuttier,” so that they are “increasingly frustrated by his outrageous comments and behavior.”

In short, since at least July 2015, the evidence has been mounting and questions have been raised about Trump’s mental health. And now? Well, follow the news for yourself, and see what you think. I think his behavior and statements show the classic signs of early stage Alzheimer’s which will only get worse. So should Trump be in the Oval Office? Should he have the ability to push the nuclear button? We could be one insult away from any foreign leader saying something to rile Trump, and then boom! It could be the beginning – or the end – of World War III.

Want more examples of how Trump is going nuts? To illustrate, I teamed up with a cartoonist and we wrote Trump Is Nuts! An Illustrated Guide and Coloring Book on the Many Ways that Trump Has Gone Nuts and Trump Is An Animal! Trump Is Nuts! features satiric cartoons depicting Trump as all kinds of nuts from cashews to pecans and ending up as a nut case and in the nuthouse. It combines these cartoons with incisive commentary about the many ways that Trump’s behavior is mentally disturbed or nuts. Trump Is an Animal! features Trump as a number of animals, from kangaroos to chimps and fur seals, who are fighting for power, territory, and mates, much like Trump strikes out and fights with anyone who threatens his position.

Why Trump Is Like A Fighting Animal

Why Trump Is Like A Fighting Animal

Recently there has been talk of how Trump has said he wanted to hit speakers at the Democratic convention who disparaged him “so hard, their heads would spin.” Then, he not only suggested that Russia should hack Clinton’s emails, which some officials have claimed is akin to treason, but he may have leaked classified information about U.S. having bases in Saudi Arabia which he learned in a news briefing in claiming we shouldn’t be paying rent on them.

In short, many of Trump’s remarks, especially those about hitting back, are like fighting words to attack, attack, attack to gain power — much like male animals frequently fight other male animals to gain power, territory, and females. For example, Trump is much like a boxing kangaroo, trying to show who’s boss, by kicking and jabbing however he can until he defeats a rival. Or he is like a chimp who fights with all the tools he’s got, from tree branches to clubs he finds on the ground. When Trump gets on Twitter to spew his hate at different targets, the process is much the same.

In fact, this comparison of Trump to different types of fighting animals is the subject of a recent book: Trump Is an Animal!: An Illustrated Guide and Coloring Boo to the Way that Trump Fights Like Different Types of Animals. The book combines satiric cartoons with timely critical copy that shows how Trump fights like 21 different animals. Besides kangaroos and chimps, the animals include cunning coyotes, baaad ass baboons, huuuge hippos, charging elephants, mighty meerkats, fighting cocks, penguins, tortoises, and snakes.

The book is the perfect example of how Trump is constantly fighting, often unfairly, at virtually anyone who dares stand up to him. An example is a cartoon and accompanying illustration of Trump as a Huuuge Hippo. In the cartoon, Trump with his very big open mouth confronts a hippo with its huge gaping jaws. The introductory paragraph about Trump reads:

Hippos are huuuge. Though they are mostly heribvores, they are anything but peaceful vegetarians, since they are highly aggressive and unpredictable and are considered among the most dangerous animals in Africa. As such, they are much like Trump, who responds largely from his intuition and whim, and is every ready to attack anyone for anything deemed insulting or offensive to him. And he likes everything to be “huuuge,” “great,” or otherwise “extraordinary.”

The rest of the copy in the book is written in a similar vein, briefly describing the different types of animals and the way the males go at it — often in a deadly attack that leaves the loser severely or fatally injured, much like Trump’s Republican rivals and the Republican Party as a whole.

Trump Is an Animal! is available on Amazon, and it is part of a series called Who Is Trump Really? In fact, a website featuring a half-dozen anti-Trump books has been set up at Who Is Trump Really, also accessible by Trump Is Nuts. Other books in the series include Trump Is Nuts! and Trump Is Extinct… Or May Be Soon!.

One of the reason for writing these books is to help to show up Trump for who he really is and contribute to the campaign against him. At least they help to show even more reasons why Trump is unsuited and incompetent to be President, and they may help to broaden the appeal to those who would find the cartoons entertaining as well as informative about the real Trump.

How the Battles of Trump and Cruz Are Like a Children’s Book

How the Battles of Trump and Cruz Are Like a Children’s Book

Watching the recent Republican Party debates, and especially the knock-down drag out fight between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, makes me think of two kids fighting in a schoolyard. This all happened after the election campaign was already getting ugly, when a Super Pac for Ted put a picture of Melenia Trump, a former model, from a 15 year-old photo shoot looking very sexy with the words: “Meet Your New First Lady.” Then, Trump returned fire with a photos of Cruz’s wife, Heidi, a Harvard MBA and economist, looking like a disheveled drunk on a bender next to a photo of his glamorous wife.

Things got even scummier with an article in the National Enquirer, apparently placed by one of Trump’s operatives, which claimed that Cruz had five secret mistresses. After Cruz quickly claimed the story was garbage, Trump said he had nothing to do with the article. When Trump complained to one newscaster, Anderson Cooper, that: “He started it,” Cooper said this sounded like something a 5 year old would say.”

Meanwhile, the Republican Party and many national leaders around the world were appalled that these personal attacks were not befitting a Presidential candidate, much less a President. And I kept thinking of the continuing battles of Trump and Cruz as much like two little boys in kindergarten fighting. They hurl insults, call each other names, and try to humiliate one another and their family members.

So I turned these battles into a series of illustrated children’s books for adults, The Battles of Donnie and Teddy, and there’s one in full color. My other books on the election feature the fairy tales and myths I previously wrote for Huffington Post: 2016 Election Fairy Tales and 2016 Election Monster Myths.

Following is the first of these battles — in the sandbox. The others are at a birthday party, at the lake, and at the playground.

Donnie was building castles in the sandbox, when Mrs. Marple came over with Teddy, who was carrying a pail with a shovel.
“Donnie,” she said, “Teddy just moved here with his mother and sister, and he would like to join you.”
“No,” Donnie said. “I don’t want him to play here.” He glared at Teddy and Mrs. Marple.
Teddy looked scared, but Mrs. Marple pushed him forward.
“That’s not very nice, Donnie,” Mrs. Marple said. “You have to learn to play with the other children.”
Donnie stood up very tall. He pushed out his chest. “I don’t want to,” he said.
“But you have to do this,” Mrs. Marple said. “Otherwise the other children won’t like you.”
“I don’t care,” Donnie said. “I don’t like them very much either.”
“You have to learn to get along with others,” Mrs. Marple replied. “So I’m going to leave Teddy here with you. You have to learn to play together.”
Mrs. Marple guided Teddy into the sandbox. As she did, Teddy stuck out his tongue at Donnie. “So there,” he said.
Donnie glared back Teddy as hard as he could. But Teddy didn’t flinch. Instead, he sat down in the far corner of the sandbox. He started building a castle, too.
But before he could finish his castle, Donnie stood up and kicked it over. The sand went flying.
“You can’t build another castle here,” Donnie said. “I won’t let you. “
“Who says,” said Teddy. “I’ll tell Mrs. Marple on you, and she’ll come back and help me. She likes me better.”
“So what?” said Donnie. “I’m stronger than you.”
Donnie reached out and punched Teddy. Teddy fell back for a moment. Then, he tried to punch Donnie again, but Donnie punched him back.
“Ha, ha!” Donnie laughed. “You see. You’re not up to it. I’m the only one who can build castles here.”
“No, I can, too,” Teddy yelled. “Besides, if you don’t let me play, I know some things about you, and I’ll tell.”
“Oh, yeah,” Donnie yelled back. “You’re the new kid on the block, and I bet no one likes you either.”
“Well, once they know what you’re really like, no one will like you either.”
“So you think you’re a know it all. But you’re lying. You’re Lying Crying Teddy,” Donnie jeered.
“No, I’m not,” Teddy screamed back. “Because I heard a lot of other kids say this. Your mother’s an alien from another planet, and your sister has cooties.”
“What? That’s not fair,” Donnie said. “You can’t insult my mother and sister.”
“But I can. I can,” Teddy laughed. “Maybe you’re better at throwing punches. But I’m better at insults.”
“Oh, no, you’re not. Because if you’re going to get in the mud, I will, too.”
Donnie grabbed a pile of dirt at the side of the sandbox and threw it at Teddy. It splattered all over his face and dripped down his shirt.
“So, there,” said Donnie. “And you know what? I heard about your own mother and sister, too. Your mother’s like a dog, an ugly stupid mutt. And your sister’s a crazy little runt who was in the pound after her owner threw her in the gutter.”
Teddy got up, holding his shovel like a knife.
“Oh, no you don’t,” he yelled and charged at Donnie.
But Donnie quickly blew himself up to twice his size. He picked up a baseball bat and swung at Teddy.
But Teddy ducked. He picked up a pail of sand and threw it at Donnie.
Donnie stepped back away from the spray of sand and blew himself up even more. He began breathing out flames like a dragon.
Teddy ducked again, but Donnie kicked him and then kicked him again. He began to laugh and point hysterically.
“There! See, I’ve got you. I’m the strongest one of all.” He beat on his chest, like the king of the jungle.
Just then, Mrs. Marple came running out.
“Oh, boys. Boys. You mustn’t fight. That’s against school rules. The principal and all the teachers will be furious.”
Donnie and Teddy backed away from each other and sat down opposite ends of the sandbox. Donnie sat beside what was left of his castle; Teddy sat beside his turned-over pail.
Mrs. Marple continued. “I had hoped you could play together. We all had such high hopes for you. But now that’s over. Since you can’t play nicely together and follow the rules, you are both suspended.”
Donnie and Teddy look up, shocked.
“But you can’t throw me out,” Donnie cried.
“Oh, but I can,” Mrs. Marple said. “Now you both have to go home. You can’t play in the sandbox anymore.”
At once Donnie deflated to his original size, and Teddy began sobbing. Mrs. Marple just glared at them.
Then, they both left the sandbox walking in different directions. There was nothing left to be said.

Is Trump the Modern Day Devil?

Is Trump the Modern Day Devil?

Many religions and cultures have a belief in the devil, viewed as a being who personifies evil and is the most fearsome enemy of God and humankind. This devil or demon is known by many names – the Dybbuk in Jewish mythology; Beelzebub, Lucifer, or Satan for Christians, Iblis or Azazel for Muslims believers in Islam; and Mephistopheles, a demon in German folklore.

Today, for a growing legion of people, Donald Trump has become the modern devil, because of his association with racism, bigotry, xenophobia, inciting violence, lying about almost everything and otherwise having the attributes of someone who is a dangerous threat to humanity.

Among them are the dragon St. George fights, a Chimera, a Cyclops, Medusa, the Kelpie horse monster of Scotland, and the Kraken and Chrybdis, who are monsters of the sea. And most recently, I wrote about Trump being like the many headed monsters, the Hydra and Cerberus. Now all of these myths have been collected into a book: 2016 Election Monster Myths.

Given all of these parallels with other monsters, can one compare Trump to the most evil monster of all — the devil or demon in his many forms. Certainly, it would seem that one can.

First, take the Dybbuk,who is called the Jewish version of a demon and was first written about in the 16th century. The Dybbuk is a malicious spirit who takes possession of the souls of good, honest people and causes them to engage in destructive acts and mayhem. According to this tradition, the Dybbuk is the dislocated soul of a dead person who wreaks havoc on a living person and leaves the body once it has accomplished its goal. In effect, one becomes possessed by this evil spirit, leading one to do terrible things, as in “the devil made me do it.”

As for the devil in the Christian tradition, by whatever name he is called – Beelzebub, Lucifer, or Satan, the devil is sometimes considered one of the seven princes of Hell, according to the Catholic tradition. Commonly, he is believed to fight God over the souls of humans and command a force of evil spirits, commonly known as demons. As Satan, he is often identified as the serpent who convinced Eve to eat the forbidden apple, as described in the Book of Revelations, and he is sometimes called Lucifer who became a fallen angel, when thrown out of heaven, as described in Isaiah. While Beelzebub was once the name of a Philistine god, this name was used in the New Testament as a synonym for Satan.

Finally, Mephistopheles was originally a demon in German folklore. But in the 16th century, this name became associated with the Faust legend, that was based on a real historic figure, Johann Georg Faust, an alchemist, astrologer, and magician of the German Renaissance, who lived from about 1466 to 1541. After he died in an explosion of an alchemical experiment, a popular tale began circulating that the devil came to collect him, since he had engaged in various types of fraud and blasphemy, so the church denounced him as in league with the devil. Then, his name became part of a series of works of Faustian literature based on the story of a scholar who wagers his soul with the devil and loses.

Thus, given this historical backdrop, might Trump be considered the modern day devil — or at least a person who has sold his soul to the devil for fame, power, and glory? It seems a very apt comparison, because in many ways in which Trump has taken the souls of his followers like the Dybbuk. Moreover, he has been battling a great many people and even God, when he criticized the Pope for visiting the border between Mexico and the U.S., and the Pope suggested Trump was not Christian, because of the harshness of his campaign promise to deport more immigrants and force Mexico to pay for a wall along the border. Then, too, the growing hordes of followers at his rallies, especially those who act violently against others or raise their hands in a Nazi-like salute of loyalty, might be compared to the force of evil spirits commanded by the devil. And the efforts of some countries, such as Britain, to ban him, might be compared to the actions of God in throwing Lucifer out of heaven, so he becomes a fallen angel. Finally, Trump might be compared to the serpent tempting Eve in the way he has spent lavishly to show off his luxury homes, hotels, and golf courses, which provide a great temptation for the wealthy. But then, employing the wiles of a serpent, he has used the power of eminent domain to push the poor people living in the way of his expanding domains out of the way, while he has used many poor workers from other countries to build these homes, hotels, and golf courses.

But if Trump is comparable to a modern-day devil, who will take him on? Who will throw him out of heaven for good? Perhaps it’s time for writers, politicians, government officials, and others working towards a better future to find a way to open the door and say, “Get him outta here,” as Trump would say to others.

Trump and the Human Beasts

Trump and the Human Beasts

Some of the most fearsome monsters in myths have the heads of humans and deadly beasts, most notably lions, so they are very wily and bloodthirsty – just like Donald Trump, whom I have compared to other beasts.

Among them are the dragon St. George fights, a Chimera, a Cyclops, Medusa, the Kelpie horse monster of Scotland, and the Kraken and Chrybdis, who are monsters of the sea. And most recently, I wrote about Trump being like the many headed monsters, the Hydra and Cerberus. Now all of these myths have been collected into a book: 2016 Election Monster Myths.

Three of the most feared human beasts are the Minotaur, which has the head of a bull and the body of a man; the Manticore, which has the body of a lion, the head of a man, and the stinging tail of a scorpion; and the Sphinx, which also has the body of a lion, but has the head of a woman and the wings of an eagle.

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The Minotaur was the ferocious offspring of a woman and beast, after Minos’ queen slept with a bull, and he devoured humans for his sustenance. Embarrassed by the creature, King Minos hid him in the Labyrinth at the Minoan Palace of Knossos. There the Minotaur lived on regular sacrificial offerings of youths and young maidens, and since the labyrinth was such a complicated construction, no one could find their way out alive. However, after King Minos decided to kill the Minotaur, Theseus volunteered to do so to end the human sacrifices. But could he find his way out? He learned how after the king’s daughter, Princess Ariadne, fell madly in love with him and gave him a thread to unravel. So Theseus followed the thread into the Labyrinth and used it to get out after he killed the monster. In this case, the labyrinth might be compared to the maze of Trump’s many real estate holdings and companies that are run by many different managers and involve so many complicated financial arrangements that the IRS has been doing a series of audits to figure everything out. And all the people the Minotaur has eaten could be comparable to all of the property and company owners Trump trampled to obtain his land and companies, as well as to the candidates he gobbled up along the way to become the candidate with the most votes.

Though the Manticore got its start in India, it became part of Greek mythology due to the writings of Ctesias, a Greek physician who stayed at the court of the Persian king Artaxerxes II Menemon from 404 to 398/397 B.C. and wrote a book about India. As the legend goes, the Manticore had three rows of teeth like a shark, a bellow like a trumpet, and the ability to shoot spines from its tail. But most terrifying of all, it loved to eat human flesh. It would run quickly to chase down its prey, slash them with its claws, sting with its spiny tail, and finally eat them, devouring even their bones, clothes, and all of their possessions, leaving nothing for anyone to find. Additionally, Ctesia claimed, the Manticore could even paralyze or kill its victims from a distance by firing stingers from its tail, like a hunter with a bow. Now that description might sound a little like Trump at one of his rallies, which are becoming more and more violent, as he bellows out his comments and yells “Get ‘em out of here” to his security people that rough up and eject anyone who appears to be a foe. Also, Trump’s love of ripping enemies apart verbally, such as his diatribes against Megan Kelly and Ted Cruz, is like the way the Manticore tears apart and eats up a victim.

As for the Sphinx, it is best known from the legend of Oedipus. As the story goes, Oedipus was traveling along the road to Thebes, when a sphinx appeared and blocked his path, asking him a riddle. Although the exact riddle isn’t stated in the original legend, it is most commonly described as this: “What is that which goes on four feet in the morning, on two feet in the afternoon, and on three in the evening?” If Oedipus couldn’t answer correctly, the sphinx would have strangled and eaten him, just as ate many other travelers. But Oedipus correctly answers, explaining that it’s man, who crawls on all fours as a child; on two feet as an adult, and finally, with the help of a cane, on three feet at the end of his life. So since Oedipus has answered correctly, he has bested the Sphinx at her own game, so she throws herself from a high cliff, or in some versions, she devours herself in anger and frustration.

Again, some comparisons with Trump seem apt. He certainly expects certain kinds of responses from people, or otherwise he calls out: “You’re fired!” or “Get out of here.” He has also been eating up much of the competition, as candidate after candidate has disappeared from the race, until there were two plus the Trump Sphinx. However, so far, those two candidates – Ted Cruz and John Kasich have been giving enough right answers to the media and to many voters, so they have remained in the race, and a brokered convention is likely. Should that happen, Trump has likely been bested at his own game, and like the Sphinx he could end up being thrown from the modern day high cliff. And what’s that? Well, it could be having his own brand tarnished from his appeals to racism, bigotry, xenophobia, and hatred, which have turned millions of people against him and have led to growing protests at his events.

But while Theseus managed to kill the Minotaur and find his way out of the labyrinth, can a modern-day Theseus, such as Ted Cruz, John Kasich, Hillary Clinton, or Bernie Sanders, do the same? And what will happen to the Trump Manticore or Trump Sphinx? In the myths, the fate of the humans against the Manticore is less certain, but Oedipus correctly knows how to defeat the Sphinx at her own game. And perhaps a modern-day Oedipus like Kasich or Cruz may do the same.