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Now that much of the Republican party and the U.S. population is anti-Trump, the question comes up – is he nuts? Will he become extinct? Is he like a kangaroo boxer, buffalo, baboon or other animal in the way he fights with almost everyone – from rivals to other politicians and members of the media.

Three new cartoon books – Trump Is Nuts!, Trump Is Extinct…Or May Be Soon!, and Trump Is an Animal! – suggests that these scenarios are or will soon be true. Trump Is Nuts! features Trump as 21 different kinds of nuts, from Walnuts, Peanuts, and Pecans to Mixed Up Nuts, a Nut Case, and patients in a nuthouse. Trump Is Extinct compares Trump to 27 extinct beasts and early humans, from ancient dinosaurs, flying reptiles, birds, and mammals with names like the Trumposaurus, Saber Tooth Trump, and Homo Trumpien. And Trump Is an Animal! compares Trump to different types of animals including Chimpanzees, Fur Seals, and Meerkats, in which the male animals commonly fight for power, territory, and mates. There is a website for the books at or

The books are part of series of books about the 2016 Election, including the 2016 Election Fairy Tales with stories like “Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Trump,” and 2016 Election Monsters, Myths and Mayhem, which features Trump as 15 monsters in mythology, such as the Medusa, Minotaur, and even the Devil. Another is The Battles of Donnie and Teddy: 4 Children’s Stories for Adults featuring young Trump and Cruz battling it out in a sandbox, playground, school yard, and backyard party. The first four books in the series are combined in 2016 Election Follies.

While the books are designed to appeal to anyone following the election – especially Democrats and anti-Trump Republicans, the books were written to contribute to the dialogue about the election – and perhaps even sway some votes.

The author, Gini Graham Scott, Ph.D. brings to the series a background as a sociologist and popular writer. She received her Ph.D. at the University of California, Berkeley, and has several MAs, including one in Anthropology and another in Pop Culture and Lifestyles from California State University, East Bay. She is getting an additional MA there in Communication. She has published over 50 books with major publishers and 40 with her own publishing company, Changemakers Publishing. Besides The New Middle Ages, other new books include Lies and Liars, about understanding sociopaths and how to deal with them, Scammed, about recent scams and how to avoid them, and American Justice with Paul Brakke about problems in the criminal justice system and how to fix them. Her websites include and

A PDF of any of the Trump books is available to members of the media and book bloggers and reviewers.