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“Trump is a nut, and he likes to surround himself with nuts”

said Stuart Stevens, who ran Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign, in an article in the latest August 22-28 Bloomberg Businessweek. Stevens was commenting on the choice of Donald Trump’s latest campaign manager, Steve Bannon, formerly the executive chairman of Breitbart News, which is known for its support of the “nationalist, racially paranoid splinter group of anti-establishment conservatives who have rallied to Trump’s banner.”

Steven’s remark is even reflected in a website of the same name: Trump Is a Nut (, also accessible through the Trump Is Nuts name. ( Coincidentally, the website has already been up for nearly two months, and it is the title of a book: Trump Is a Nut! published on June 23 with a five star Amazon review. So Stevens’ comment reflects what a growing number of people have been thinking – that Trump is not merely a danger to American democracy by creating a dictatorship but actually “nuts”. In fact, in the Bloomberg Businessweek article, writer Joshua Green notes that the goal of hiring Bannon, profiled in the magazine as “The Most Dangerous Political Operative in America.” was to unshackle Trump even more. In this way, Trump could unleash his inner Trump and go full anti-establishment and anti-Washington to fire up his supporters.

No wonder several dozen Republicans, including former RNC officials, have publically turned against Trump’s nomination and are urging the party to cut off Trump’s funding in order to redirect it to endangered House and Senate candidates. Moreover, Stevens has suggested that the Republican end game is like the “bunker scene in Downfall, only the Trump crowd won’t tell Hitler the truth. It’s utter madness.” But then, that’s because Stevens thinks “Trump is a nut,” just like the Trump Is a Nut! cartoon book and the Trump Is a Nut website ( have been saying for nearly two months

Both the book and website were developed by author/sociologist Gini Graham Scott, Ph.D., who has been closely following the election for the past six months and has written seven books about Trump, now featured on the Trump Is a Nut website. In the tongue-in-cheek cartoon book Trump Is Nuts!, Scott compares Trump to a series of nuts from peanuts to pecans and shows him ending up in a nut case with two noted dictators – Hitler and Mussolini, and finally he is hauled off to a nut house. The Trump Is Nuts! book is on Amazon and Kindle,, while the cartoons are featured in a video on Pivotshare. The book is also part of a trilogy called Who Is Trump, Really?, which includes the books: Trump Is Extinct – Or May Be Soon! and Trump Is an Animal, which compare Trump respectively to extinct beasts and early humans and to fighting animals, like the kangaroo and chimpanzee.

So is Trump really nuts? Could Trump just be playing a nutty character, like a person on a reality show? Could his crazy words and behaviors be due to the onset of Alzheimer’s, since they seem to match 6 of the 10 core symptoms, according to the Alzheimer’s Association? Or are Trump’s antics just part of a long-time aggressive, thin-skinned personality? It’s a question raised by Dr. Gini Graham Scott in an article “Does Trump Have Early-Stage Alzheimer’s,” on the Huffington Post, which gotten over 1.3 likes: In the article, she cites numerous experts, authorities, and writers who have suggested that one reason for Trump’s crazy behavior is that he has early stage Alzheimer’s. Whatever the answer to these questions, Stevens, along with many others think “Trump is a nut,” who is surrounded by many other nuts. And that appears to be a reason that his poll numbers are going down, down, down, because increasingly people fear having a nut in the White House or anywhere near a nuclear button.


Gini Graham Scott has been an observer of the election since February 2016, when she first started writing a series of articles on Trump for the Huffington Post and published the first of a series of books on the election – 2016 Election Fairy Tales, with tales like “Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Trump,” followed by 2016 Election Monsters, Myths, and Mayhem, comparing Trump to a series of mythical monsters, such as the Medusa, Minotaur, and Devil.

She brings to these books on Trump a background as a sociologist and popular writer – and she is also a registered Republican, after previously being an independent voter. She received her Ph.D. at the University of California, Berkeley, and has several MAs, including one in Anthropology and another in Pop Culture and Lifestyles from California State University, East Bay. She is getting an additional MA there in Communication. She has published over 50 books with major publishers and 40 with her own publishing company, Changemakers Publishing. Besides The New Middle Ages, other new books include Lies and Liars, about understanding sociopaths and how to deal with them, Scammed, about recent scams and how to avoid them, and American Justice with Paul Brakke about problems in the criminal justice system and how to fix them. Her websites include and

A PDF of any of the Trump books is available to members of the media and book bloggers and reviewers.