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Who Is Trump, Really?


Who Is Trump Really?  features a series of satiric and informative books about President Donald Trump. While most of these books were written during the 2016 election, the basic themes are just as relevant today. For those trying to understand the transformation in America due to the Trump presidency, they provide a somewhat unique take that combines insight, irony, and dark humor on what happened then and what led to where we are now.

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What People are Saying

“All these books are like a warning for the future — and we are now living in that future.”


“Some of these books are really funny. I especially love the comparison of Trump to all kinds of extinct beasts and to a variety of nuts. And most of all I love the hospital orderlies taking Trump as a nut in a straightjacket to the nut house. He may end up there yet.”

“These books may be about the 2016 election and the first months of Trump in the White House, but they still offer insights we can learn from today.”

“Wow! To think these books were written back in 2016 and 2017, but are still relevant today.”

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